Bangladesh: the most interesting and important facts about the country

There are a lot of interesting places in Bangladesh. Its history, traditions, symbols, sights – all this is worthy of the attention of tourists. Thus, an exact copy of the Indian Taj Mahal mosque in the size of the original was erected here. It is for the sake of her visit that connoisseurs of beauty from all over the world prefer to buy tours to Bangladesh at affordable prices. A copy of the temple was built by the millionaire Asanulla Moni so that the poor Bengalis could see this beauty, who cannot travel around the world. In addition, tourists should know that:

  • In Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is considered the longest beach. Its length is over 120 kilometers.
  • Bangladesh is the most populous country in the world with 1.1 thousand people / km2.
  • In Barisala, there is an unusual natural phenomenon – a distant noise reminiscent of a cannonade.
  • Shapla or water lily. It is considered the national flower of the country and is featured on the coat of arms of Bangladesh.
  • Bengal tiger. It is the national symbol of the country, named after her, after her former name.

Tips for first-time travelers to Bangladesh

If you want to enjoy the oriental flavor, then we advise you to visit Dhaka. On its streets there are a lot of people in bright national costumes. Local buildings preserve the authentic architecture with Arabian influences. There are many museums, places of worship, and the world-famous Akhsan Maskhila, the so-called “Pink Palace”, deserves special attention. “Coast of the Dead” with ships written off “ashore” impresses with an unusual spectacle. If you want to buy a tour to Bangladesh for a seaside holiday, then you should definitely visit Cox’s Bazar as the best of the country’s resorts with many water activities. And local restaurants will delight you with aromatic local cuisine. And the most unforgettable experience will be given to you by Dhaka Zoo – a park full of black bears, Bengal tigers, rhinos, hippos and monkeys.

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