Bangladesh Tours

Bangladesh is a former British colony, “East Pakistan”, but now it is an independent state. Picturesque and noisy Dhaka, rafting on the Ganges, unique national parks with tigers in the Great River Delta, hill tribes on the Indo-Burmese border – all this is Bangladesh, amazing Bengal.
This is such a specific place, you have to be a great lover of unknown lands to come here once, and maybe more than once. For the geographer and biologist, Bangladesh is a significant place, the huge “classical” Ganges delta, a unique piece of the biosphere in many respects. For an ethnographer, Bangladesh is an endless land, especially in the mountainous regions. For the lover of the wildlife and authenticity of Bangladesh – a godsend, one Sunderbana “park” is worth a lot. “Park” in quotation marks – because in fact it is a wild forest, a jungle in the same sense as we imagine them from the fairy tale “Mowgli” – with wild tigers, bees, wild cats and the polyphony of unseen birds. Bangladesh is one of those countries of “wild Asia” (in a good way) that must be visited, until modern civilization depersonalized another amazing land. One of the last countries in Asia, where a tourist is not a source of money, but simply an alien from another world; there is no relationship to a foreigner as a potential enrichment option, and this is very nice. And even the imperfection of everyday life recedes into the background when you feel like a real traveler, guest, Human.

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