Traveling Dhaka – Hotels – Fare – Taxi and others

Dhaka is located in the central part of Bangladesh. At one time it was the main city of Bengal. Since 1971, Dhaka has been the capital of Bangladesh and the country’s most populated metropolis. Dhaka can safely be called a city of contrasts, wild poverty and incomparable luxury, disgusting slums, luxurious palaces and modern high-rise buildings are intertwined here. The city is bright, diverse, noisy and unusually colorful. Tourists should look at the Shahid Minar – a monument in the central part of the city in honor of the demonstrators who died in 1952, visit the famous Dakeshvari – the largest Hindu temple in the country, see the Baitul Mukarram national mosque, the oldest mosque in the region, Binat Bibi, built in 15 m century, one of the oldest buildings in the city of the Armenian Church of the Resurrection, visit the National Museum of Bangladesh.

Travel budget

Before the trip, you need to calculate the approximate budget that you will need for the trip:

Hotel booking

Apartment rental


Gasoline cost

Average check-in
a restaurant

from 58 $/night
from 64 $/night
Landing - 1 $, 1km - 0.47 $
$9 for two


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