Bangladesh has its own Taj Mahal

In Bangladesh, the construction of a copy of the legendary Indian Taj Mahal is being completed. The cost of the mausoleum, which is located in the small town of Sonargaon, a few hours drive from the country’s capital, Dhaka, has already exceeded $58 million. Some materials, such as marble and granite, had to be imported from other countries.

The initiator of the creation of a copy of the Taj Mahal in Bangladesh was the local filmmaker Asanullah Moni (Ahsanullah Moni), reports with reference to the BBC. He claims that he is building a mausoleum for the people of the country, however, there is no doubt that the Bangladeshi Taj Mahal will also attract many tourists.

Over the construction of the Indian Taj Mahal, 20 thousand people worked for 20 years. With the help of modern technology, Asanullah Moni managed to build a copy in five years, using the labor of just a few people.

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