Bangladesh – The Planet of Hotels

Incredibly beautiful nature, shocking poverty and the birthplace of wild pink pearls. 

Bangladesh is an amazing place on our planet with incredibly beautiful nature, huge tourism potential and … all-consuming poverty and dirt. The local population, without any embarrassment, urinates right on the streets into the laid sewer, right there the street vendors cook and sell food that is customary to eat here with their hands … The picture is horrifying, however, tourists come here, because among all this, there are corners of bewitching nature, tens of kilometers of sandy clean beaches with a gentle entrance to azure water … And except for the fact that a white person in these parts is an “unprecedented miracle” (they will want to take a picture with you, or at least take a closer look), people here are very friendly, the crime rate is extremely low, and tourists are treated like dear guests. pleases,


The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is located in South Asia, in the fertile delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. 58 rivers flow through the country, and it is only a few meters above sea level. Therefore, if the water level rises by one meter, it is believed that 10% of the territory will be flooded. The perimeter of the country is surrounded by India, excluding small areas where there are common borders with Myanmar, and in the south it is washed by the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean. The relief here is mostly plains, except for the southeast, where the western ranges of the Lushai Mountains and the Chittagong Mountains stretch.

Bangladesh has 8 administrative regions, which bear the names of the largest cities. The regions are divided into 64 districts, which in turn are divided into sub-districts. The latter include territories with police administration, which are divided into communes, each of which includes several villages. In large cities, police departments are divided into sections, and those – into quarters.

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