Visa to Bangladesh can be obtained on arrival

From May 30, citizens of all countries requiring a visa to Bangladesh (including China, Russia, England) can obtain a visa on arrival if the duration of the visit does not exceed 15 days. The cost of such a visa will be $50, according to Simatic. To apply for a visa at Dhaka International Airport, you must submit the following documents: a passport with a validity period of at least six months from the end of the trip; a return ticket; confirmation of sufficient funds for the trip or a hotel reservation, or an invitation from a private person or organization officially registered in Bangladesh.

However, if possible, it is better to get a visa in advance. A visa to Bangladesh is issued at the consular department of the embassy of this country in Moscow. This will require a passport, three recent black-and-white or color photographs 3×4 cm in size without corners and ovals; three questionnaires completed in English and signed by the applicant; an invitation from a travel agency in Bangladesh or a hotel reservation confirmation (original or fax).

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